Productivity, Efficiency and Unmatched Versatility
   The STS14 and STS16 have always been the machines of choice for customers focused on productivity. Among the largest machines in the industry now have more to boast about. Both are now powered with the 9.0L John Deere engine coupled to a
new high performance cooling package improving fuel efficiency. The new power plant is housed under a new hood including an integrated tool box and air intake scoop. The right side of the chassis features new fuel and DEF tanks as well as a service ladder and platform for improved
machine access. These are just a few of the features making the high capacity STS machines the most productive sprayers available today.
   The STS14 has the 1,400 gallon (5,300 L) capacity while the STS16 has a capacity of 1,600 gallons (6,000 L).
Power and Efficiency
When you are spending long days in the field, you want all the power and efficiency you can get your hands on.
The STS14 & 16 are John Deere PowerTechâ„¢ PSS 9.0L Tier 4 engines producing 300 & 375 horsepower respectively.
Improved Refueling
6’ of under frame clearance presents an interesting challenge from a fueling standpoint but the newly designed fuel/DEF layout on the right side of the STS10 and STS12 makes the process easier than ever. Fuel and DEF can be added on the right side using the standard fueling ladder that stows nicely under the tank, eliminating the need to drag a hose up the main ladder and across the frame.
Redesigned Hood
The redesigned hood is not just for looks, the new hood provides improved cooling and a storage compartment.
All Access Platform
The platform was designed to access all major top areas of the machine with ease.
Advanced Application Cab
Designed for one thing, and one thing only, spraying. Countless hours are spent in the cab every season, you deserve a cab that is designed specifically for that purpose.
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