Hagie STS10, 12, 14
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STS10, 12 & 14 Series
One Machine. Full Season Versatility.
Widen your application window. The lightweight and balanced design of the 2016 STS Application System allows you to get in the field earlier with minimal compaction. For all your pre-season through late-season needs, the Hagie 2016 STS boosts versatility with attachment capability to perform timely and precise applications when crops need it most.
Hagie STS10, 12, 14
Hagie STS10, 12, 14
Hagie STS10, 12, 14
Hagie STS10, 12, 14
Hagie STS10, 12, 14
Deceleration Pedal
Boost headland turning efficiency for maximum uptime. Operator Foot Pegs offer superior operator comfort and stability during operations
Drive Train
Optimal torque management and traction control for optimal performance
Droplet Monitoring System
Optimal field coverage and protection of inputs
Electric Hood
Easy access for machine serviceability
Increased simplicity and efficiency in switching attachments
Solution System
Optimal precision spray coverage
Sprayer Specific Cab
Optimal applicator performance and comfort
Syklone Air Filtration System
Continuous pressurized cab for the safest operator environment on the market
Tier 4 Engine (STS 10, 12, 14, 12i)
Optimized airflow & serviceability
AWS boosts efficiency with fewer crop passes while minimizing crop damage and ground disturbance
Premium Cab features Bluetooth, a premium leather seat, power mirrors & climate comtrol
Superior cab visibility for performing post-tassel corn applications
Includes High Torque & Severe Duty Suspension, Enhanced capability for operators running larger floater tires and ability to overcome resistance with increased torque
Enhanced fill time with verified 300+ gpm fill. Convenient instruction decals
Performance of late season crop applications with reduced damage and enhanced protection of your STS
Tire Options from 320 to 800** mm wide in 4 different rim sizes. Tire sizes with IF and VF technology. Perform full season applications in various soil and cropping conditions with minimized compaction
Boost capability to perform applications for various field row widths and cropping stages with minimal crop damage
Profit Driving Enhancements

The 2016 STS Series features a sprayer specific cab designed with operator comfort and safety in mind, including a state-of-the-art SyKlone air filtration system and standard backup camera. Take efficiency to a new level with the premium cab, featuring innovations such as a droplet size monitor, decelerator pedal and Bluetooth capabilities. Choose from a wide variety of tire options and add optional All Wheel Steer to reduce turning radius, minimize crop damage and boost efficiency. Perform late season applications with the Tall Corn Package, including row dividers, covers and shielding, to provide maximum protection for both your crops and your machine. The High Torque and Rough Terrain packages equip your machine with essential durability and power needed to get the job done in any condition you ask of it. Enrich your experience and drive profitability with amenities for your 2016 STS sprayer.

* All Wheel Steer turning radius is based on model, others may vary
** Specific tires and rim sizes not available for all STS models
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