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Over several years the Hagie Engineers have pondered the ultimate sprayer for the next decade.  Given the industry drivers being weight, balance, capacity, spray speed, boom width, gradeability, maneuverability, balance, precision compatibility, safety, price, and comfort, it’s tough to have your cake and eat it too.  Not if you break the mold.  The Hagie Design Team has delivered a machine for the next generation of applicators.  The Hagie DTS10 is unlike any sprayer ever before built.  Each and every feature on the machine has been carefully considered given the drivers listed above, and against the odds and critics predictions, the team truly delivered the most innovative piece of equipment in the market today, the all new Hagie DTS 10.
Hagie DTS10
Hagie DTS10
Hagie DTS10
Hagie DTS10
Hagie DTS10
Tier 4 Cummins © 6.7 Engine
Strong, reliable and powerful describes the Cummins® 6.7 Tier 4 engine in the DTS10.  It is rated at 225 horsepower and makes long days covering hundreds of acres a breeze.
60/80’ or 60/90’ Booms
Both booms fold at 60’ to match planter widths.  he booms are designed not only to aid in strength but to have better visibility when transporting.  The majority of lines and harnesses are routed and secured in a C-channel that forms the upper boom structure for protection and through-boom visibility.  The booms are available with Air Purge.
All Access Platform
The platform was designed to access all major top areas of the machine with ease.
Open Inspection Areas
All vital engine fluids are easily visible without the need to open the hood.  Convenient electronic hood opener for getting access to the machine components for service.
Rear Fill Area
Both the solution and rinse tanks are filled at the rear of the machine. A conveniently located switch on the automatic folding ladder allows the user to fill both solution tanks separately or simultaneously.  A Light switch for illuminating walkway to the cab is also located at the fill area.
1,000 Gallon Capacity
The two solution tanks are centrally mounted low between the axles to give the DTS10 one of the best weight splits and centers of gravity on the market.  Each tank has an uncontaminated sight gauge that is visible from the ground and cab.
Fuel/Rinse Module
Fuel and rinse tanksare located here. Also, a center mounted toolbox allows storage location for personal protective equipment, provided tools, spray tips, etc.
Rinse Tank Fill
100-gallon rinse tank fill station that also can be easily filled from the rear fill assembly.
Fuel/Foam Fill
100-gallon fuel tank and foam marker concentrate reservoir.
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