Boom Options
Performance. Stability. Visibility. These are the keys to full season application and Hagie booms are poised to deliver all of these benefits to you in all boom widths within our product portfolio. At its core, a sprayer boom has only one
job; delivering product to the ground. At Hagie, we view the boom as more than just a piece of the puzzle. The boom is the first and foremost tool in accurate product placement. That’s why we put it out in front of our
machines. From our tried and true 90’ and 100’ steel booms, to our high performing steel and aluminum 120’ boom, operators will benefit from the applicator minded design of our spray booms.
  • 90’, 100’ and 120’ widths
  • 18 - 104” under tip height range
  • Hypro Xpress end fittings
  • Optional Air Purge
  • 3 directional tip breakaway (120’ only)
  • 60’ main folds standard
  • Standard boom section strainers
  • On-boom manifold pressure gauge
Fleet Compatability
Productivity through Flexibility. Hagie STS booms allow for multiple planter spacing combinations to keep operators from creating guess rows.
Additionally, Hagie approves the use of boom attachments (Yield 360 Y-drop® or comparable) out to 60’ on the primary boom sections. All STS Booms come with the option of 15” or 20” (on center) spacing utilizing 3 or 5 position TeeJet nozzle bodies. Additional nozzle spacings available via the Hagie Custom Solution (CS).
90' Boom, 15" Spacing
100' Boom, 15" Spacing
120' Boom, 15" Spacing
NORAC Active Wing Roll (AWR)
Premier height control solution designed specifically for the new 120’ boom. AWR was developed for inconsistent and challenging terrain. The AWR system controls the main lift cylinders while independently controlling each wing cylinder. The AWR system hydraulically links the left and right wings together to simulate roll without manipulating the center section to maintain an ideal, pre-set height above the ground or crop.
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