The foundation of a great company is built around purpose
Hagie Manufacturing is in the business to solve problems. Our purpose is equally as valid today as the day Ray Hagie founded the company in 1947.
Ray Hagie was born an innovator. In 1933, upon graduating from Iowa State College, Ray returned to his family farm and began experimenting with hybrid seed corn. In years to follow, Ray’s hybrids withstood a drought and their increased popularity led to the opening of Hagie’s Hybrids seed corn plant in 1944. Ray’s desire to further improve his own operation and that of his neighboring farmers resulted in a vision. In 1946, to help reduce the painstaking time associated with detasseling, Ray developed a self-propelled “personnel mover.” The originality and efficiency of the product created high demand. At the end of World War II, Dow released the pesticide/herbicide, commonly known today as 2,4-D, for use in the control of broadleaf weeds. A problem solver at heart, Ray envisioned a more efficient solution for application of the product and in 1947, he invented the world’s first self-propelled sprayer and forever changed the landscape of application in agriculture.
In years to follow, Hagie Manufacturing earned a reputation as an industry innovator by providing the market with new solutions for evolving farming needs. A few of Hagie Manufacturing’s industry firsts include the invention of the four-wheeled Hagie sprayer, front-mounted boom, and a high-clearance Nitrogen toolbar. As the inventor of the industry, we have a strong responsibility to continue to be the leader in application. We remain committed to providing innovative solutions to optimize our customer growth. As a result, today our customers are capable of performing various full season applications with STS attachments, making it the most versatile application machine on the market.
As a manufacturer of application solutions, our team is comprised of a team of experts whose passion comes from solving problems in the industry. We have a reputation for saying yes to our customers with unique needs and constantly trying new things in effort to provide the most innovative solutions for the evolving needs of the industry. Innovation is everywhere and you never know where the next great innovation will be generated from.
Past, present and future, Hagie Manufacturing is committed to being the problem solvers in the industry.
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